Just who exactly are...

Carel Lurvink


A clean and safe work environment is vital for our organization. It is a precondition to keep bacteria and viruses out so that our riders and staff remain fit and healthy. That is why we are happy that Carel Lurvink has been providing our team with various cleaning and safety products for years (like gloves for our chefs).

In more than 125 years, their family business has developed into a wholesaler with a total range of high-quality cleaning and safety products for various industries like the cleaning industry, food industry, healthcare and the public sector. Since 1993, Carel Lurvink may use the designation “Purveyor to the Royal Household”. The predicate is a royal decoration for small and medium-sized Dutch companies that occupy a prominent place in the region and in the industry. They are distinguished by quality, solidity and continuity.

‘Safe’ to say we are proud to have them on our side! Check out more at www.carellurvink.nl