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In order for our riders to perform to their highest potential, a warm-up and cool-down are absolutely essential. Luckily, our partner Elite supplies us with the latest innovative trainers and rollers, to ensure a perfect warm-up and cool-down. Additionally, these trainers ensure that our riders can perform their indoor trainings to the fullest extent. Elite also provides the team with bottle cages and bidons for training and racing – when you consider that last year the team went through 40,000 bidons you can see how vital this is!

Elite is an Italian company, based in Fontaniva, a small town about 60 kilometres from Venice. Since 1979 they have been specialising in R&D, production and marketing of home trainers, bottles and bottle cages. New products are created by an internal team of engineers and researchers and are extensively tested; by Team DSM and others. This results, among other things, in water bottles that are easy to use and weigh only 54 grams. Elite therefore makes an important contribution to the success of the team with its high-tech products.

We are very proud of our partnership with Elite, and happily use their products. Find out more about Elite on their website: https://www.elite-it.com/en