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Finca Duernas


As we all know, food is extremely important to professional athletes. That is why Team DSM and its nutrition experts are constantly looking for healthy food of the highest quality, which brings us to our partner Finca Duernas.

Finca Duernas produces an extra virgin olive oil with very high levels of antioxidants while at the same time having a great taste, which makes it the perfect olive oil for a healthy and balanced diet.

Finca Duernas is based in the province Cordoba, in Andalucia (Spain), a region well known for its production of olive oil. The entire chain of production from the ground to the olive tree, from the mill and the bottling plant, is completely under their control. They have even been based on the same olive grove for over 200 years! Their goal is to deliver the highest possible quality, while at the same time being biological and sustainable. Finca Duernas share the same passion in the ‘Keep Challenging’ mentality, where they aim to keep looking for ways to improve their processes and products. As a result, their award winning olive oil has a beautiful flavour spectrum while having great nutritional value!

We definitely find a lot of value in our partnership with Finca Duernas! Find out more by clicking here.