Just who exactly are...

Meesters van de Halm


Healthy nutrition is essential to being competitive at the highest level. Grain products are an important part of our riders’ diet to provide them with the right source of energy, and for this we rely on the delicious products from our partner Meesters van de Halm.

Meesters van de Halm is a Dutch producer of organic grain products, such as muesli or crunchy and oven baked granola. They use organically grown grain, which mainly comes from regional growers and from the Dutch organic grain pool. In doing so, they contribute to a healthier environment and better health. Another thing that makes them unique is that they do all of their operations, which includes peeling, crushing, mixing, baking and packaging, all within their own company.

Fun fact – Even their packaging is made from a compostable material!

It’s an understatement that we are proud of our partnership with De Halm! Curious to find out more about their company? Then have a look at their website www.meestersvandehalm.nl