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All cyclists know the sound of a squeaking chain or brake disc – not only does it hurt your ears, a badly running drive train or dirty brake disc can also have an influence on your performance. Or put differently, a clean and optimally running drive train is essential in a world where even the smallest fractions can make the biggest difference. Luckily, our partner Weldtite provides us with lubricants and bike maintenance products of the very highest standard to ensure that our bicycles are always flawless and run optimally.

Weldtite is a British manufacturer of lubricants and bike maintenance products. They find their heritage in the 1940s, making products for the British military. Since then they have expanded their product range to meet and exceed the demand of cyclists around the world. Weldtite operates from the UK where their products are developed and manufactured, where they are always focused on improving their products and implementing new technology. It’s fair to say that the Keep Challenging spirit is also in their DNA. This is reflected in the collaboration between our R&D team of experts and those from Weldtite. Together we continue to work on creating lubricants with even less friction and cleaning products that remove dirt even better.

We are happy that our partnership with Weldtite is running as smoothly as our drive trains! Find out more about Weldtite at: https://weldtite.cc/