Just who exactly are...


Pro cycling’s racing season is well and truly under way in Europe with two of the biggest stage races, Paris-Nice and Tirreno-Adriatico, just around the corner. These two stage races either lead the peloton to, or take part entirely in, the beautiful Mediterranean area with its wonderful scenery and great roads. The races are also the perfect reason to introduce one of our new partners for 2021, Zoover, in our “Just who exactly are…” series.

Zoover is an online travel agency where people can book their package holidays to countless destinations around the world. What makes Zoover really unique are the millions of recent and honest customer reviews of holiday accommodations that they collect and curate. Not only do these reviews make it easier for people to choose their dream holiday destination, but it also ensures that Zoover knows what people appreciate, so that they can continue to offer the best holidays.

Zoover’s ambition is, based on the data from their reviews, to offer a more and more personalised holiday experience that really meets the wishes of a specific customer – like a traditional travel agency, but online.

“A little bit like Netflix, but for holidays.” says Judith Eyck, managing director at Zoover.

“This innovative way of looking at the online travel industry fits in well with the way we as Team DSM look at top sport, trying to continuously innovate in order to stay one step ahead of the competition’’ adds Iwan Spekenbrink, CEO at Team DSM.

Judith Eyck emphasises that there is a great fit in many more areas: “The team races with three programs all over the world and are thus riding across the most beautiful locations our planet has to offer. Zoover takes you to these same destinations and ensures that you are there in the best accommodations.’’

‘‘And let’s face it, you also long for a holiday when you see the beautiful landscapes through which the professional peloton cycles all year round, don’t you?”